The Books

Sweet Deception

I can’t let any man get too close to me…ever. But he’s the only man who has made me want to risk everything.


On my knees, looking up at Alex Raven changed my life irrevocably. Self-assured and powerful, his presence commanded attention…especially that of women. Intoxicated by what I wasn’t allowed, I entangled Alex in my web of lies and deceit…better known as my past and present. Shouldering his own secrets, he freely gave me his trust and protection. But would pulling him into my world be the future I so craved? Or mean the end for us both.


This book has an HFN ending and a cliffhanger end. But don't be deterred. The sequel will be available not too far away.





Sweet Redemption

Powerfully romantic, sexually charged and full of emotional angst, the sequel to Sweet Deception will enrapture your heart.


Dreaming of a future with Alex Raven was foolish and dangerous… For us both.


My past defined who I was until Alex Raven found me that fateful night. The hot chemistry, passion and protective love he showed me made me want things I could never have. Risking everything, purging my sins, determined to free myself from the clutches of Dimitri Sokolov, I had to accept the ultimate consequence: my life without Alex.


But no one saw what was coming. 


How could I have known? 


Will I be able to find save myself from my past errors? Will redemption ever happen for me with the one man who made me want to risk everything?

My Bastard​


You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice.
The simple life is what I had until a man I chose to stay away from, directly hits it.
A businessman.
Leader of The Savage Shadows.
Slate Saxe is a gorgeous jerk.
A bossy ass and a powerful bastard.
Pulling me into his world is tough.
Sleeping next to him is tougher.
Tough times don’t last but tough people do.
His cocky self may not like my attitude but I don’t give a crap.
A lesson he will learn.


She is determined.
Hard and rigid.
A custom mechanic.
The best illegal street racer I’ve ever seen.
Emerald Sawyer is a woman who runs her own race.
When I’m short a crew member, she’s my first choice.
And being the bastard that I am, I always get what I want.
She detests me and what I do.
Bad f***ing luck. 
My decision made, she’s the one. Her sweet ass had better get used to it.

My Devil

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Escaping my family to go it alone was a dream.
A dream that took twenty-six years to fulfill. Yet seconds to be shattered.
Thrown into a different Hell, Caden Draycott is the Devil himself.
A beguiling killer.
Wrapped in a web of darkness.
The master of temptation- pain, wickedness and intense sin.
I submit, but on my terms.
He believes he's dragging me into hell, but I'm already there.
My hell could be more destructive than his.
Time will tell…




Dangerous and captivating.
She is a skilled fighter who rides a Harley.
Rebelling at every turn, Lace Baxter is my Angel.
My perfection…
Luring her into my hell, selfishly I take.
Nothing can save her soul from me.
And no-one had better stand in my way or I promise the full fury of Hell will be unleashed.

My Monster

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Answering to no one, I do what I want. When I want.
A new leader in the fashion industry, I calculate every decision. 
Success is my only option.
Until I’m derailed by a powerful savage.
A lethal fighter.
An unrelenting player.
A joker on the outside. Inside, troubled and ominous.
Tanner Grayson is a monster in a cage, on the street and in bed.
Feared by anyone who is sane. I’m clearly not.
He controls everything.
But will I let him control me?


Beguiling, with claws that shred.
A smart-mouthed fashionista, sparkling brightest in darkness.
Crystal Harding is strong and opinionated, a firecracker.
Challenging my authority, she’s a rare beauty.
I want her. 
And I know she can’t resist me.
But will her inner vulnerabilities be able to cope with my brutality?
F**k it. 
I’m a devastating fighter. I fight to win.
This will be no different. I will have Crystal.


Bluebell Kearney

Alone, numb, a workaholic but content.

It’s how it has to be.

Family did this to me.

They don’t exist in my world anymore.

But I’m not complaining, my life is full of color and brightness.

A far cry from my childhood.

Freed from my past, I thought.

It came hurtling back at me.

In the blink of an eye, my life flipped.

A Savage took me.

Ocean Hunt.

Loud, brash and brutally sexy.

A killer, tormentor but somehow familiar.

Polar opposites but our connection is undeniable.

He calms and protects me until our families collide.


There can be no turning back.

I pray our souls are thicker than blood?

Ocean Hunt

Dangerous, exhilarating, commanding.

Life is exactly how I want it.

Craving power, destruction and torment, I’m unsure how I can fit into the business of being lawful.

Times are changing.

Can I change who I am?

Ultimately, do I want to?


A split second is all it took.

Bluebell Kearney.

Quiet, fractured, alluring and perfect.

Her fear, gentleness and innocence pulled me toward her.

Instantly magnetized, there’s a bond which I can’t explain.

Bluebell’s my sole reason to want to change.

The Savages are my family.

Blood relatives were our world, until we were torn, ripped and shredded to pieces by them.

Tiny inward roads have been made but how can I put Bluebell back together, when I’m beyond repair?

And will she want to be a part of us when death surrounds her?